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Direct Drive Oil Sealed Rotary High Vacuum Pump

We develop and supply direct drive high vacuum pumps and air cooled direct drive pumps made by shenovac engineers, new Delhi, India. This types of pump falls under high vacuum pumps category. These are also called laboratory vacuum pumps and pharma industry vacuum pump. This types of are unique in function and quality because they are made using high grade material and accessories like- cast iron and aluminum casting, fiber vanes, moisture trap, vacuum gauge, regulators. Vacuum pump direct drive is available in sv- 100 dd to sv 1000 dd models with 100 lpm to 1000 lpm capacities range.
Salient Features
  • Compact in design and minimum in weight
  • Advanced lubrication by high capacity integral oil-pump ensures reliable running even at high gas loads.
  • Low noise levels and minimum vibration.
  • Easy inspection of oil through oil label window.
  • Easy maintenance of shaft oil seal.
  • Thoroughly tested on Pirani and Mc. Leod gauge.
  • Fitted with Anti-oil suck back system.
  • Ultimate vacuum 10-3 mbar.
  • Displacement from 100 lit./min. to 500 lit./min.
  • Leak-testing and in many vacuum jobs.
  • Evacuation of vacuum system.
  • T.V. Tube.
  • Vacuum flasks.
  • Any type of bulb and tube.
  • A.C. and refrigeration.
  • De-aeration.
  • Moulds.
  • Filtration and distillation.
  • Bright annealing.
  • Laboratories for Research & development
Tech Specification
Model No. HP Free air Displacement in LPM Ultimate Pressure in mm Hg Oil Charges in Ltrs.
SV2-100D 1/2 100 0.002 0.5
SV2-150D 1/2 150 0.002 0.5
SV2-250D 1/2 250 0.002 0.75
SV2-350D 1 350 0.002 1.25
SV2-500D 1 500 0.002 2.00